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Welcome to Our Site !!
We are a small school of art at Tokyo,JAPAN.

Yoyogikoen Art Studio

Osamu & Kiyoko Suzuki opened this studio as a place of the children's artistic activities in 1996. We provide an environment for children's artistic performance and help them to acquire not only abilities, but also attitudes to create something.We think it is very important to thank everything around us - tools,materials, and peaple who product them. there is no achivement without someone's help in any way if it is visible or invisible. Creativity should never be the one which is produce in a selfish way. We would like children to learn these things naturally enjoying themselves. Thank you.



1-6-14 Tomigaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo,JAPAN 
Zip Code 151-0063

Branch House

2092-4 Nakasakuma Kyonan-machi Awa-gun Chiba pre.,JAPAN

We can read and write in English,but We can only speak English a little bit.please contact for us by this form. 


​Branch for outdoor activity 

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